Back to Ed's Bait Shop Devils Lake simply has some of 
the best fishing in the world.

It is one of North Dakota's only natural lakes and provides excellent 
year round northern, walleye, perch, and white bass fishing.

Come and experience the great fishing on Devils Lake this year!
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Devils Lake Species and Records
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Devils Lake Fish Species

Walleye - Yellow Perch - Northern Pike - White Bass - Musky - Crappie

Yellow Perch - 2 lb 15 oz - ND State Record Also
White Bass - 4 lb 5 oz
Striped Bass - 20 lb 12 oz (Last one caught in 1993)
Bullhead - 4 lb 1 oz (Only bullhead caught since 1988)

Northern Pike 29 lbs
Walleye - 12 lb 14 oz


North Dakota’s fishing season runs from April 1st thru March 31st. There is no longer a "closed" period on Devils Lake. However, usually late November/early December and late March/early April have extremely dangerous ice conditions that prohibit most fishing on the lake.

Number of Fishing Lines Allowed: Ice Fishing - 4 lines per angler Summer fishing - 2 lines per angler

Daily Fish Limits for Devils Lake Species:
Walleye - 5 per angler
Northern Pike - 5 per angler (Benson, Eddy, & Ramsey Counties only)
White Bass - 20/day 80 in possession limit
Yellow Perch - 20/day 80 in possession limit
Crappie - 20/day 80 in possession limit
Muskie - 3 per angler (30inch minium size length)

Rod/Line Proximity: ND Law requires the angler to be within 150 feet of their lines. ND Law requires lines be checked at least once per hour.

Boat/Motor Size Restrictions: None

Ice Houses: ND No longer requires fish house licenses!!! We lobbied hard & won!!!

For a complete set of ND Fishing Regulations Click here -->


Fathead minnows and sticklebacks shall be the only legal live bait fish allowed. It is illegal to use suckers, shiners, or any other type of minnow. It is illegal to use live smelt for bait.

It is illegal to release baitfish into any North Dakota waters.

Baitfish - Fish which have been preserved by freezing, salting or otherwise treated to inactivate sexual products are considered legal bait. Game fish or parts thereof shall be illegal except for perch eyes, and trout and salmon eggs, which are legal bait.

Cut or prepared bait - Cut bait using non-game fish shall be legal. Cut bait is defined as fish having the head removed and being eviscerated.

Other live bait - Other live bait include all amphibians, insects or other invertebrates or parts thereof, which are legal bait.

It is illegal to possess, or possess with intent to sell or to use as live baitfish any species of fish not allowable as mentioned in this section. The use of or possession of a restricted baitfish while fishing in waters prohibiting use of that baitfish is illegal. The penalty for fishing with or possession of an illegal live bait fish is $250.00.


Public Boat Launching Facilities:

Minnewaukan Boat Ramp - East side of the city of Minnewaukan Grahams Island State Park - approx. 9 miles west on Hwy. 19 and 4 miles south.

Six Mile Bay Access Area - south side of Hwy. 19 seven miles west of DL.

Lakewood Beach Access Area - located 5 miles south of Ed's - DL's most popular area.

East Bay Access Area - just 3 miles south of Ed's Bait Shop Black Tiger Bay Access - 8 miles east on Hwy. 2 & about 7 miles south (gravel road).


Winter access areas include most boat access areas. The Devils Lake Tourism Committee has a subcommittee called the Lake Access Committee to address winter access points and trails for vehicles. These points change based on fishing "hot spots". Please check with us or the DL Chamber of Commerce for up to the minute changes.

Winter Trails: This committee is also responsible for maintaining trail system on the lake. A contractor is hired each year to maintain access points and to maintain a trail system. This system is funded through donations from fisherman and local businesses. PLEASE HELP SUPPORT THIS TRAIL SYSTEM BY PURCHASING A LAKE ACCESS PERMIT (not required) AT ONE OF THE LOCAL BAITSHOPS/RESORTS.


Minnewaukan Boat Access Area
Grahams Island State Park
Lakewood Access Area (Ed's Bait Shop - when Lakewood Access Area is out of order)

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